Messiah Squires Band 2021-2022

Dove Health Care, December 2016
Marching Band, May 2016
Example Dates from Previous Years:
Tuesday, August 21             Registration forms due for new students
Friday, August 24                Lesson Schedule out to all students
Mon. 8/27, Tues.8/28, Thurs. 8/30   Beginner lessons-this week only
Tuesday, September 4        Lessons begin for all students following                                                      year-long schedule
Monday, September 10       Group Band begins for all except 1st yr 
                *Lessons and group band continue through school year
                *Morning and afternoon lessons ARE NOT given on days
                  when school is not in session
                *Morning lessons are not given on 2-hour delay days
Mid-October  Beginners join Grades 5-6 group band
Sunday, November 11-- BAND CONCERT Grades 5-8
                                            At Messiah School
                                            4:00 p.m. (Warm up 3:30)
Wednesday, December 6 - Christmas Music for Volunteers Reception
                                                Messiah Fellowship Hall
                                                Grades 6-7-8 ~ 
                                                After 1:00 p.m. Lenten Service
Optional Outing to a Nursing home to spread Christmas Cheer Date TBD

Saturday, March 10         Tourney Band Performs
                                            CLC Gradeschool Basketball Tournament 
                                            Grades 5-8
                                            Rehearse one hour in AM, Perform around
                                            noon.   At Immanuel High School
Tuesday Late April or May       Solos Night--All Students Perform
                                                      Messiah Lutheran School
                                                      Time TBA
Wednesday, May 23                  All Band members perform for
                                                      Entertainment Night  6:30 p.m.
                                                      Immanuel High School
Spring 2018                                 8th Grade Students play solos in church