Registration Form

Please return form by the first day of school if the student is new to band or if your contact info has changed.

Laurie Lau, Director

4602 Bogey Avenue, Eau Claire, WI  54701

715/839-7849 (h)     715/575-8830(c)


School Year 2020-2021 is unique.  The information below has changed.  Contact Laurie Lau for this year's fees.


Fees— Do not pay until you know if your child will have private or semi-private lessons.  First payment is due at the first lesson.  Students will be placed in private or semi-private lessons based on grade, playing level and available time.  Fees are based on 30 weeks of lessons and 30 weeks of group band occurring over 9 months.   


Monthly          $  38/month w/private lesson

                         $  32/month w/semi-private lesson

   OR                  $  32/month for second child in family


Semester        $ 162 for semester w/private lesson (includes 5% discount)

                        $ 137 for semester w/semi-private lesson (includes 5% discount)

                        $ 137 for semester for second child in family (includes 5% discount)


ALSO—All STUDENTS PAY a  $9 BOOK FEE.                           


First Time Students:  Beginner band students will be having 3 beginner lessons on August 29, 31, and September 1.  Lessons are either before or after school.  Lesson times will be assigned during the first week of school.


Parental Agreement:

I agree to help my child practice consistently and attend lessons regularly.   If my child is ill on a lesson day and is not attending school, I will call Mrs. Lau’s cell at 715-575-8830 before 8 a.m. that day to notify her of the absence.  I will keep an eye on the performance schedule, and if my child will not be able to attend a performance, I will notify Mrs. Lau as soon as possible. 


Signature of Parent/Guardian: